GSG will wear Valcar – Travel & Service Team also in 2021

An innovative design, an iconic color and a jersey destined to become a legend: these are the features of the  Team Valcar – Travel & Service uniform for the 2021 season.
GSG began collaboration with Team Valcar – Travel & Servicelast year with the desire to create something captivating from a stylistic point of view, but above all to make an immediatly recognizable and fashionable quality uniform.
We are happy to support Valcar – Travel & Service also for 2021 after the good experience of 2020” says Simone Fraccaro, owner of GSG “the team has proved to live up to expectations and it is perhaps the Italian women’s team that the more asserted himself and imposed in international competitions “.

We are happy to collaborate with GSG for the second consecutive year” explains Valentino Villa, president of Valcar – Travel & Service “thanks to the design conceived last year and perfected for this 2021, we were able to strengthen the identity of our team, but also to propose a jersey that can be used by any woman who loves cycling. I am sure that the freshness of our girls, the sympathy that shines through their social networks and – why not – the results of these splendid athletes will be a driving force for the sales of these uniforms “.

Given the great success of the Valcar – Travel & Service team  outfit among cycling enthusiasts, GSG has decided to make the complete TEAM REPLICA 2021 available for all cyclists.
It can already be ordered  online with delivery scheduled for the end of April. Jersey on sale at just 64,90 € and bibshorts at just 74,90 €




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