Flo with a big and clever fight on the podium, Marcel in the top 10 and Linda in 20th place.
These are the results of UCI MTB Worldcup’s fourth round in Monte Sainte-Anne this weekend.
Flo had a good start and found his rhytm quickly. Riding around 5th position during the race, having Rlaf Naf and Stephane Tempier, in his back, he stayed cool, managed his powers efficiently and lurked for his chance to attack.
“In the lasp lap, Tempier set an attack but seemed to overpower and when Ralf and I catched up again, I went for it. I’m happy that it worked out so well. This is my best result in Canada ever!”
Marcel’s goal for today was the 10th place.”I started fullgas to be in a good position and then just raced my pace. Last race I had cramps in the last lap, so this time I payed attention on nutrition supply and eveything worked out as planned.”
Linda had a bit of bad luck when she lost her rhythm in the startloop.
“I had a stupid little crash, nothing bad, but afterwards, I had to walk the climb because it was so crowded. I lost many places and couldn’t find my rhytm again. 20th place is not bad, but not I am able to do. But next week is already the next chance to go fast”.
Barbi had a bad crash in the training and couldn’t recover until the race. In fact she is flying back to Europe on Tuesday.
We wish her all the best and a fast recovery!

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