The GSG Winter Gloves is the PADDED

The new winter glove, PADDED,  has been designed to meet the needs of an increasingly technical and passionate audience of practitioners, who ride on bike all year round, even in extreme conditions.

The Padded is manifactured with windproof / waterproof fabric and it is developed to be used with temperatures that reach zero.

On the palm they have applications for shock absorption and silicone elements for greater grip on the handlebar, be it road, mtb or gravel one.

To stay connected and be able to use cycle computers and or smartphones during breaks, the glove has touch inserts on the fingertips. GSG did test and develop the details of the glove from its professional riders, obtaining important and positive feedabacks.
The PADDED glove is now on offer on the web site and until January 6th is available at the special price of € 39.90, instead of € 59.90.

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