2018 Easy Cup Mtb by GSG Challenge ended with Becycle Race

L’edizione 2018 edition of Easy Cup MTB challenge closed also this year with the Becycle Race, a 42km-lenght granfondo mtb race hold on Bergamo mountains.

A large group of biekrs at the start for a race full of technical and scenic contents. Overall classification was won by Chiarini with Marzio Deho immediately behind, but the test was worth much more for the many participants in the GSG Challenge, who had with this last test the possibility of discarding a result out of 5 and try to climb the individual or team category ranking. However, there have not been any upsetting between the leaders and the winners of the Easy Cup MTB contest will be rewarded in a special event at the end of the season.

For now, we thank everyone and give a quick overview of Easy Cup Mtb faces…


Ph. by mtbchannel.it

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